eSecure-Tech is an independent, UK-based provider of SWIFT CSP Community Standard Assessments

We offer independent assessment of SWIFT CSP attestations.

Our collective experience and in-depth knowledge of the SWIFT Customer Security Controls Framework (CSCF) places us in a unique position to help companies across the financial sector to evaluate the risks associated with the SWIFT controls. We combine our SWIFT expertise with our knowledge and experience in cybersecurity to help our customers complete effective CSP assessments and improve security.

Why Choose Us?

Take the hassle out of your independent SWIFT CSP assessment

Hit your year end deadline

SWIFT participants (Live BIC users) have an obligation to attest against the latest SWIFT controls by the 31st of December supported by an independent assessment.  Independent assessment is a mandatory requirement since 2021. We will take the pain away by managing the whole process to deliver your independent assessment for you on time.

A thorough external audit

Internal audit teams typically lack the time, experience, or qualifications to interpret the framework and complete a SWIFT CSP audit effectively.

Save time in the long run

SWIFT CSP independent assessments requirement is not a one off, they are ongoing, so working with a trusted provider makes life easier as we become increasingly familiar with your set up.

Stay a step-ahead of SWIFT’s Customer Security Controls Framework

For many companies running large and complex SWIFT platforms, CSP independent assessments may have to be conducted annually. Our aim is to get to know your business and offer ongoing independent assessments faster and more cost-effectively in the future. This way, as new SWIFT control requirements are released, we can help you determine the impact to your platform in time to remediate processes before the controls become mandatory.

SWIFT experience

We have experience across SWIFT and have worked within the commercial payments industry, as well as across cyber security, risk management and consultancy. Our combined knowledge and technical know-how puts them in a unique position to deliver effective independent SWIFT CSP independent assessments.

Baljit Ghotra


With more than 22 years of SWIFT experience, Baljit is a leading expert and has seen SWIFT products evolve from dial-up lines through to cloud services, assisted SWIFT projects at the Bank of England, and worked as a SWIFT Platform Manager with oversite of security and compliance. Baljit has also served as a Chair for SWIFT NIPUG (National Interface Products User Group). In addition to her wealth of SWIFT and financial expertise, she also brings useful experience from her time working in the IT sector across different industries. Baljit’s drive for continuous improvements has delivered streamlined processes and procedures to achieve the best and effective outcome, saving money and time for smoother running of projects and SWIFT environments.

Bipin Kulkarni

Senior Consultant

As our cybersecurity specialist, Bipin’s experience is the perfect compliment to the team. He comes with over 21 years of experience in information security and technical and compliance audits and has worked extensively across IT systems and pharmaceutical sectors.