Delivering Swift Community Standard Assessments


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What Is The Process?

Our team of specialist SWIFT consultants will take care of the entire process for you. Once we have agreed timings and have access and some preliminary high-level information about your SWIFT CSP attestation, we can start the independent assessment.

1. Review Your Attestation

We methodically work through every control in your SWIFT CSP attestation to assess its compliance and whether or not there is sufficient evidence.

2. Investigate Any Gaps

Based on the output from the review, we will investigate any identified gaps through a combination of interviews, observations, spot checks, re-performance and walkthroughs.

3. Share Our Findings

We provide you with draft findings and recommendations so we can review them together.

4. Complete The Assessment

Finally, we provide you with the signed off Letter of Completion, Compliance Report and the Independent Assessment Framework workbook.

How Long Will An Independent Assessment Take?

This depends on the size and complexity of your SWIFT platform and the quality of your attestation. We would always recommend getting your independent assessment booked as soon as possible.

Remote Assessments

While we would normally conduct on-site visits, we are more than able to offer the same level of service and assessment integrity working remotely. We take all necessary steps to ensure that the integrity of your SWIFT CSP assessment is not negatively affected by remote testing. For example, when testing remotely we take special precautions to ensure that the personnel being interviewed, along with the system components being examined, are the same as if the assessor was onsite. The methods used for observing implementations and collecting evidence must also provide at least the same level of assurance as for an onsite independent SWIFT CSP assessment.

We can also offer additional SWIFT services

If there is any other reason you might need the expertise of our SWIFT consultants, we would love to hear from you to discuss further.